BeKa Industrie-Ausruestung

Industriestraße 8
66862 Kindsbach (Germany)
Telefon +49 (0) 6371-9236-20
Zentrale +49 (0) 6371-9236-0
Telefax +49 (0) 6371-9236-40

New managing director

Dear Friends,

Dear customers and suppliers

Valued business partners,                     

                                                                                                          Kindsbach, June 27, 2013




After 50 successful years now I withdraw into the well-deserved retirement.

After my activity as managing director of the company Klaus Maschinenbau KG, I founded 1987 the BeKa Industrie-Ausruestung GmbH. Here I was the sole shareholder and managing director. On June 30, 2013 I will retire now from the company.

The new managing director will be my longstanding sales manager, Mr. Stephan Spielberger., who will continue the company at the old location in the usual way.
With new ideas and new activities he will strengthen the sale and service at the customer.

Among other things there is planned to built up a new service point. Other machines and items are newly included in the program.

On this way I want to thank you for the good cooperation up to now and your trust. At the same time, I kindly ask you to place the same confidence in the new managing director, Mr. Stephan Spielberger. I am sure that furtheron you will be served to the fullest satisfaction.


Sincerely yours


Bernd Klaus

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